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Blue and Faest Cover

Blue and Fast is Clewed's second studio album. At 53 minutes long, it features 20 songs, including a 20 minute epic that will enchant and delight music lovers everywhere.


Blue and Fast is the first album to feature Gak Johnson. However, Clewed quickly realized their mistake as Gak pumped out the most awful Clewed song ever "Peepee's Little Escapade", it is still unknown why the band chose to keep it on the album. This song and the 20 minute epic are the only songs featuring Gak, however Gak gets kicked out of the studio 14 minutes into the epic song.

Zick discovered he could breathe the air in his closet without his gasmask during production, and as a result he made the smash hit "Zick is a Frick" in which he sings for the first time. Exevlar Gurari was inspired to make the song "Dex the Jew" after watching his all time favorite movie Food Fight for the 57th time. It features actual audio clips from the film and is a tribute to Dex Dogtective and his religion.


1. Blue and Fast 00:23
2. Brony 02:16
3. Le Dark Memers 01:46
4. 9GAG Army 05:21
5. Oh Baby a Triple 00:46
6. Peepee's Little Escapade 01:07
7. The Layered One 02:12
8. The Maker of the Waffles 02:01
9. Dex the Jew 01:10
10. The Legend of Floffing 02:02
11. 420 Glaze It 01:15
12. Electroman's Electric Electricity 01:53
13. Zick is a Frick 02:20
14. Dew of the Mountains 01:22
15. I Need Feminism Because My IQ is in the Negatives 02:01
16. The Bronycon Experience 00:57
17. The Chorus of Oppressed Tumblr Users 02:02
18. Electroman's Donger Factory 01:00
19. PTSD From Deviant Art 00:46
20. Da Even Bigger and Epicer Ending Song 20:34

Critical ReceptionEdit

"Gay." - New York Times

"This album actually wasn't gay like homosexuals cool" - Chick-Fil-A

"This album was pretty good until this mysoginistic monstrosity of a song criticizing feminism played, then i got so triggered my triggers were pulled and triggered nuclear war." - MenDontDeserveTheRights98 from tumblr