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Clewed is a sensational internet band based in Detroit. Consisting of five members, they must face many threats in order to produce their music, reach fame, and please their mysterious god, Pillowman. 


Clewed had a simple beginning within the mind of Nobeh Herm, just an idea he had one day while engaged in a gang fight in the streets of Detroit. After being released from the hospital for 420 bullet wounds all over his body, he decided to pursue his idea.

Meeting up with his friend Exevlar Gurari , he produced his first few songs, obtaining a record label for the album The Neckbeard of Destiny. Soon after, Exevler helped him recruit Zick R. Mutilator, who further introduced them to the great Electroman. After Electroman produced his first song, Dubestap, they received inspiration and equipment from the almighty Pillowman, a blessing that stays with them today.

Gak Johnson was introduced after the conclusion of Neckbeard of Destiny. His contribution to Blue and Fast was minimal, probably because he's a huge frick. Blue and Fast was produced without incident.

Jackie Choodles was announced as a new member of the band partway through their album Livin' in Detroit, then left like 2 years later bc they're an enormous fuckign faggot lol 


Critical reception to Clewed has been overwhelmingly positive. Almost all people, upon their first exposure to Clewed, experience intense orgasms, an effect that disappears by the second listening. Scientists have proven with science that Clewed music is more addictive than crystal methamphetamine. 

"9/10, it's okay." -IGN, on the Neckbeard of Destiny

"Easily the best band of all time." -The New York Times

"*loud moaning noises*" -A random homeless man exposed to Clewed

"Even better than I ever was..." -Skrillex

Logo ChangesEdit

New clewed logo


On October 10th 2014, the design of clewed's iconic logo changed so it looks more le epic. It was tilted back almost an ENTIRE 45 DEGREES.

Discography Edit

  • The Neckbeard of Destiny
  • Blue and Fast
  • Ron Paul: Constitutional Defenders Original Soundtrack
  • Furries Are Gay (Single)
  • The Spookies of Zick Mutilator
  • Livin' in Detroit
  • The Fedora of Truth
  • Jimmy Neutron Theme Song Cover (Single)
  • The Spookies of Clewed
  • Revenge of the Furfag Empire

Members Edit

Current Members

Nobeh Herm - Acoustic Guitar, Synthesizers and Drum Programming

Zick Mutilator - Guitars, Spookies

Jackie Choodles - Bass, Electrics

Electroman - Electrics, Vocals

Exevler Gurrari - Vocals, Recorder

Gak Johnson - Vocals, Acoustic Guitar

Past Members

Nak Dellon - Promised to help but did nothing

Josby Rollops - Mandolin


During the interview with the whole band, not a single intelligible answer was given except for Zick, who gave a short but inspiring answer.