Gak being a massive frick.

Gak Johnson is the second to last member of Clewed and mostly consists of using acoustics and vocals.


The origins of Gak are not fully known but it is said that he came from a plastic container full of Nickelodeon slime in a ghetto dumpster in Detroit. When Gak was "born" he was forced to roam Detroit without any purpose in his until the day came that he was recuited by Clewed. No one knows what kind of pysche Gak has but it is strange nonetheless.

Gak as a Clewed MemberEdit

Gak doesn't have much say in the band and is frequently abused by the other members. However, he does have one solo in Peepe's Little Escapade and is featured in a few other songs. He is planning to have a few more songs and even his own album in the future. He also has something really big planned featuring Clewed but nothing is known about it. The only thing known that is related to it is Gak's Skype mood stating "I wonder what Mars is like?".


Upon being asked the first question of his interview, he stated he played the "everything" instrument.

He was asked why he was such a stupid member of the band by the interviewer, he cried like the baby he is.

He is abused by everyone, even the interviewer and wiki editors.