Memer Madness
Memer Madness is Nobeh Herm's debut EP, released on August 19th, 2015. It is a 21 minute song separated into 6 movements. It features guest appearances from his band Clewed in the final track.

Production Edit

Nobeh took the hard drive out of his computer, made it into a tasty and nutritious frito chili pie, and the result is Memer Madness.

Tracks Edit

  1. Memer Madness
  • I) Meming Around
  • II) Memes are the Best
  • III) God I Fricking Love Memes
  • IV) Shrek is the Best Meme
  • V) Illuminati Confirmed Lel XD
  • VI) The Memes Come to an End

Reception Edit

"Woah" - EB Games Guy

"It survived a tank shell, I'd say it's a practical purchase" - Practical Purchases

"Hey, nobody gives a SHIT what you want. SHUT YOUR MOUTH!" -Pizza boy

"savudon082qnv9o8hnawvp984hn2" - Boy Boy Man

"Kill me" - Feg Feggetson