Clewed's official music videos are directed by philosopher Nobeh Herm. They are abstract works of art that have deep intellectual meanings. The videos are categorized by album here, and the meanings behind these videos will be listed on this page by Nobeh himself.

Blue and FastEdit

Le Dark Memers

This video takes place before Nobeh began writing music. It begins with Nobeh struggling to turn on his sink, which represents his daily struggles with life. It then cuts to him opening his pantry with only a few boxes of food, indicating how poor he was in the past. The quick flash of a rocking chair moving symbolizes his loneliness after the death of his parents. The video then cuts to a digital clock showing the time "6:13". 613 minus the product of 6 and 13 is 535, which is the amount of days it has been since he's 420 blazed it at the time this video takes place. Nobeh will finish this explanation when he's done being a fgt.

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