A shot of Nobeh Herm with his Legendary Guitar

Nobeh Herm is the main collaborator and acoustic guitar player behind Clewed. He is an acoustic master, having played with dozens of top-tier bands over the years and setting many world records in the art of acoustics. His other talents include rapping, FL Studio and online instrument flash games.

Early LifeEdit

When Nobeh was born, it is reported that he came out of the womb holding an acoustic guitar, according to a crackhead that claims to be one of the doctors. His parents were both meth-addicts who had a meth lab in the basement that Nobeh slept in every night. Then one day, when Nobeh was 4 years old, the cops showed up and found the meth lab, then Nobeh's father gunned down all the cops with an MG and ran outside to find a ton of cop cars and his dead wife right outside the door. He made his last stand, killing over 420 cops before he went down. After all this, Nobeh managed to get in his dad's car and take off. With the cops chasing after him, he climbed up on the roof of the car with a rocket launcher and took them all out with one chain reaction car explosion. He then drove off to Detroit, which is where he resides to this day.

Growing up in Detroit, he met his friend Exevlar, who then introduced him to Zick. Zick then introduced the group to Electroman, forming the music supergroup we know today as Clewed.

Musical InspirationEdit

Nobeh Herm has said in interviews that his main inspirations are Nickelback and Skrillex. His musical style consists of extremely complex compositions that do not neccesarily follow a beat or rhythm, like his beloved inspiration Skrillex. He also incorporates a lot of acoustics into clewed's music, sometimes having 2 or 3 guitars being played at once. This is inspired by his all time favorite masterpiece of a song Photograph by Nickelback. The almighty Chad Kroeger is the inspiration behind Nobeh's vocal style.

Music VideosEdit

Nobeh Herm is the director of Clewed's deep and thought provoking music videos. The meaning behind these works of art is up to the viewers interperetation.

Solo Discography Edit



During Nobeh's interview, he said his musical inspiration was Nickelback and Skrillex, upon being asked his second question, Nobeh experienced a horrible PTSD attack about his past life, indicating he is haunted by his past.

Nobeh is deaf in his left ear because of one day in elementary school years ago when he decided to jam a pencil in his ear, it is still unknown what caused him to do this.