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PoopDump - Legend of the Poopmaker was a video game created by Nobeh Herm. It was released worldwide on April 20th, 2013, for the glorious PC master race. The game follows the protagonist, William Hernandez, in his quest to stop the Swaggots, Furries, and Memers that have conquered Detroit.

Plot Edit

The game begins with the player character, Mexican and super swag man William Hernandez trapped in a small room. There is no indication of how he got there, though it is implied he simply blazed it too hard and was brought there to sleep.

A radio on a table beckons to William, and upon activating it, he's informed of the Swaggot invasion and is told he needs to help. The radio cuts off suddenly, presumably because a bunch of raging faggots attacked the operator. Realizing what he must do, William prepares to leave, but is suddenly raided and captured by a bunch of Swag Police, who take him to the Swag Prison.

Because a bunch of frikkin retarded Swag Police decided to put vents and convenient hallways throughout the Swag Prison, William is able to escape after killing a bunch of zambies. Soon after, he ventures to a Secrit Lab.

There, he discovers that Furry scientists have created actual Furries. Shortly after their creation, these genetic abominations revolted, killing the scientists and allying with the Swaggots. Disgusted, William fights his way through the laboratory, killing dozens of Furries and discovering their weird love of Robin Williams.

Finding a second radio, William begins fighting his way to the mysterious Mayor and the radio operator, but is soon captured by the Swag Police. The Swag Police put him in a long torture chamber, transforming him into one of them. He is soon rescued by the radio operator.

The radio operator reveals itself as a veteran of the war whose lips stopped working after being forcefully memed in the throat. It tells William it can heal his Swagitis, but unfortunately, the Mayor got deaded because he was a huge faggot. After curing him, the operator sends him after the legendary Poopmaker before catching on fire on dying.

Fighting his way through Detroit and into Hot Topic, William climbs atop the pile of poop, summoning Shrek. Once on earth, Shrek kinda fixes everything and sends William to Shrek Heaven.

Development Edit

Nobeh used Source SDK and brilliant coding to make this game. His budget was one hundred and seventy trillion billion dollahs.

Reception Edit

PoopDump - Legend of the Poopmaker was met with almost universal acclaim. Players praised its unique gameplay elements and story, as well as the incredible voice acting and emotional characters.

"10/10 it's pretty sw0g" -IGN

"9/11 reminds me of my mum" -MetaCritic

"9/11 reminds me of 9/11" -Osama bin Laden

"Whoa dude this makes me not a massive frick anymore" -Hillary Clinton

"Easily the best game ever made." -PCGamer

"*delighted squeals*" -Electroman's Pig

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