Cover art

Cover Art

The Neckbeard of Destiny is the first studio album from Clewed. At 43 minutes in length, It features 16 beautiful works of art and a 15 minute epic that closes the album.


The Neckbeard of Destiny started out as a solo album by Nobeh Herm under the name Clewed. Electroman joined production at the song Dubestap, making his first contribution with his beautiful electric sounds. Exevler and Zick joined shortly after forming Clewed. The album was made over the internet, with the exception of bonus track Shrekening V2, the first song recorded in Clewed's studio.


1. Frick 01:14
2. Embrace Me 01:18
3. Swege 00:44
4. Da Big Gitar Solo 06:09
5. The Neckbeard of Destiny 00:18
6. Da Gangsta Rap 01:06
7. Hitwee and Stawin 01:02
8. Le Lenni Face Medley 02:50
9. Deep and Intense Song I Made While Snorting Doritos 03:42
10. The Shrekening 02:14
11. Dubestap 01:09
12. This Song is Gay (Like You hehuhehehu) 00:45
13. Cowadoody Rap 00:45
14. 2Deep5U 01:09
15. 9-11 Was an Outside Job 01:08
16. How to Have Swag Like Lil Wayne 01:15
17. Da Big an Epic Ending Song 14:45
18. (Bonus Track) The Shrekening Version 2.0 02:05

Critical ReceptionEdit

The album has recieved much a many of critical acclaims. Faget McDouche of IGN says "It's pretty good, not the best album I've heard this year but it's decent. I'd give it a 9.8 out of 10" Nobeh's parents would comment if they weren't gunned down by the cops.