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Spider-Van crawling across the ceiling in a horrifying manner.

Voon Nibigini is the true identity of Spider-Van and a friend of Electroman


No one really knows how, why, or when Voon came into existence. All that is known is one day, while his parents were eating dinner, he appeared on their kitchen table at his current age and proclaimed himself to be their son. Since that day nearly a thousand chromosomes ago, Voon has not aged at all, and looks exactly the same as he did on that fateful evening. This has caused many people to proclaim him as a god, which greatly offends the true god, Pillowman. This is why Voon was forced to go into hiding, so he could avoid the wrath of Pillowman. However, one day while he was working in a Cambodian rice field, he met and became best friends with Electroman, who managed to make Pillowman forgive him. Electroman took Voon back to America, where he still resides, specifically in a dirty dog cage in Electroman's basement. 

One day, after watching a filthy meth addict get shot down by a bandana-wearing white trash guy who could barely speak English, Voon decided he'd had enough with crime. After crafting a costume from only the finest and most battle-worthy materials, he became the vigilante Spider-Van, often called the most horrifying superhero ever. In fact, the vast majority of his successes against criminals have been due to the criminals shitting their pants and being unable to walk afterwards because of that disgusting sticky sensation you get between your asscheeks in such situations. 

Relations with ClewedEdit

Voon has almost no relations with the other memebers of Clewed. However, he is good friends with Electroman, and is known to be the only living human to have ever seen Electroman's true face. Though he is Electroman's best friend, Electroman has been quoted as saying that Voon is the "shittiest best friend of all time", and he often wonders aloud what horrible things he has done to puppies in previous lives to deserve such an awful best friend.


Voon is a big feegut